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Writer's Block: Surf's Up!
me, gypsy
How much time do you spend online?
the shorter answer is how much time do I spend offline -_-

darker than hate stands love
me, gypsy
long no see loyal fans....
*cries at emptyness where fans should be"
ok so no one was actually waiting for me, and you are reading this because you accidentally clicked when the page was loading or something but WAIT before you red cross me.

Today I am just posting a monologue on love and hate. It will be spoken by a character in a book I plan to write, and keep doing so in unlinear stages. I would like advice on how to make it better or what your take on this is as it will be a side plot to my story and want help in achieving its potential. please, as fans, or not fans, please take the time to participate.

NB: it has just been written, and is unedited and quite probably nonsensical. please bear with the poor grammar and confusion and remark on which parts definately need rewording. <3

and so it goes....

It is always hate that people try to destroy but love is the one that causes more mischief. Love can be detested if it comes too little, or if there is too much whereas hate is fine until it quantifies as a lot. But even then it only has one way of acting out, when on the other side love can destroy, create, explode, implode, protect or let go when it crosses the limit.

Hate only has one side, there is just hate, if you hate then it is just hate but love can be dreamy, and sweet, it can make you warm but it can also turn ugly and be a foul thing that drive humanity away. Even in the animal kingdom too much love can annoy, or if it turns ugly it can cause harm to the recipients, or create a jealousy. Love even breeds hate, and transforms into but hate is only hate, and if anything can form a respect. The ability to love is natural yet hate must be a conscious action.

When you hate, you can attack, but they can also defend easily. Or you can ignore, sometimes this is a harsher treatment, but it causes no side great pain (at least if hate is mutual). Love in contrast though seeks to rule both head and heart, it can destroy from the inside that which feels it, and it can plague those who are the receiver. It will not forget, it will not relent, it is all consuming, and forever is unsatisfied with how much it holds. Love is a dictator when it has control whereas hate will subside when it feels victory.

Love goes beyond the grave.

Hate moves on when the object is gone.


HELP ME PASS UNIVERSITY quotes needed for feature writing
me, gypsy

Hey guys, I am studying Public Relations/Journalism and need to write a feature about the English Language Abroad by friday.

My lecturer is DEMANDING quotes to be used, and I will also need contact details to prove these are actual quotes. You can ask for your name not to be published but I will need evidence to give my lecturer that I haven't made the quote up.

Bearing the above in mind please give me your views on:

What is it like being in a new country only being able to speak English.

ideally I want quotes from people who cannot/did not speak the language of the country they went to.


Writer's Block: R.I.P
me, gypsy
What do you want done with your body after you die?
I want to be cremated with my tarot and angel cards, and pistachio nuts. Then lcoked in a jewel encrusted box in my own tomb. I want this tomb to have salt in the foundations and the walls. This is all a precaution so that I never become a zombie and that my loved ones can have safe supernatural refuge with me. <3

Because Hector is vain and I'm winning this war
me, gypsy
Roses are red
The sea is blue
Your eyes are so pretty
and I like looking at you

The psychobiology of personality...
me, gypsy
chibinatari what I am meant to be reading and doing a LITERARY REVIEW or some such right this very minute (well technically three or four days ago but hey) and still it is not done or in the process.

Why am I so Unproductive? Is it because I am addicted to sitting on my bed and uncomfortably typing thus makes for a precedented hatred to sit four hours (or maybe thirty minutes) to do work? Is it that I am chronically unmotivated? Is it... I can't even be arsed to contunue being rhetoric.

I don't want to live in the real world. It is annoying and boring. Well not all the time. But it isn't anywhere near what or how I want to live.

*frustrated sounds* I can't even be bothered to finish all these thoughts. There is a voice within my head heckling and mocking me for even trying to expalin the swirls of undisctinct contrast of life and of belief within my soul. And another stating quite obviously that I am doing it wrong.

Hector you are vain. You are so vain that you are jealous of my blog even though I suffer a severe loss of love and have no commitment (for said blog). Gosh My Gosh thou art vain. So Vain that you knew you would be mentioned in this blog. Yet you are only being mentioned because you asked me just now if I was writing about you. It is like some surreal preordained vain cycle... oh dear. You do have a rather cute face when you get annoyed at me. And your serious contemplative face when your thinking of things that you don't voice to me if pretty adorable... ♥

Sorry if you are not Hector and you just put yourself through that.

OH MY GOSH hector will you please just let me write! How on earth am I to motivate myself if you cut my flow. I know your being sweet and interested but BUT *slap*

sorry. Really. But my loveable boyfriend is just  a bit too obsessed with himself and has to follow my mind... just in case he is in there. ;D

¬_¬ Stupid boy now I can't even remember why I am blogging. I had a serious issue I wanted to tackle but now its jsut HECTOR HECTOR HECTOR.... his name is awesome though...

*sigh* maybe one day I will not force myself to distraction. But I really need to do work and I really need to find a way of escape. Huh. Why do I come to LJ when I need to rant. FJAHFJAGFJKESNGFBVSFAUIWGBJRLEBA this damn article doesn't even sound like me. I really hope I am not what comes across in this... as I want to slap this post. And then heckle it.

Ohwell back to badly wanting to watch anime whilst cursing myself for not doing my work.

Screw you academia, nobody really likes you.

an image in my mind
me, gypsy

i have the image of an angel and a mermaid in the forefront of my mind,

they hold their breath whilst in flight,

through an element out of sight,

the angel gazed down upon the mer,

and the maid looked towards the skies,

neither could touch but both could adore,

and they met each night on the moonlit shore.

the rain dance
me, gypsy

She danced in the swirls of the rain, oblivious to her shadowy audience the other side of the caged bars. She did not see them, she did not feel for their existence, and so she danced on. Twisting as though her body was serpentine with no limbs, but her legs rose seductively from the floor to her hips and her arms would encircle her body as she danced and danced inside her prison.

She has not stopped her dance, and so the rain kept falling inside the roof of her little open room, amazing those she did not look at. Keeping her eyes closed she could almost feel the luscious leaves of her homeland caressing her bare skin as if she was dancing through the forest again. Her heart shuddered and her eyes opened just a fraction, a fraction enough to see the cold grey entrapment that kept her from the forest. She could not even see any green in this sadistic place. She couldn’t even smell it.

She could hear the mumbling of the savages now, laughing at her for dancing without music. What did they know, dancing came from the heart. But then they had never showed evidence of owning one, so of course they wouldn’t know.

The rain stopped hitting her shoulders, and she felt the cold concrete floor seep through her nude legs, she hadn’t realised she sat on the floor, until the hard scratchy surface tore her skin. The eyes on her grew bored eventually; moving on to whatever else was trapped, she heard painful screeches to her left in a different cage she couldn’t see but knew was there. Only a few men had stayed, vile lecherous faces on her, making obvious signs they were enjoying her nude state behind the bars. Looking as though they wished they didn’t part her, but also so relieved she couldn’t get close to them. If she could, they all knew she would tear out their hearts. Vile humans. She curled in on herself, hiding her body from their ugly eyes; they each frowned and moved on, no longer able to see what they wanted.

A drop of water hit her knee, and she wondered how the rain had started without her dancing but then she felt the stream along her cheek bones, and found she was crying.

Writer's Block: Desert island
me, gypsy
List three books that have changed your life:
Pride and Prejudice- jane austen
Twilight Saga- stephenie meyer
Touch the Dark (Cassie Palmer series) - karen chance

Writer's Block: Fashion faux pas
me, gypsy
What is the strangest thing in your closet?

Its probably a box of memories from the college I hated attending. Why I put them in a box and keep it so handy I do not know... I really hate it... yet can't part with it.

Oh wait were you expecting CLOTHES? then it is probably... a pair of pajama bottoms that has more seams coming apart than still sewn up. They have such a cool pattern though and I am too lazy to sew them up.


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